How Philanthropy Can Use Every Strategy in Our Arsenal

We are living in an era of new political realities, and we can no longer rely on conventional wisdom to navigate these uncharted waters. Time-tested approaches to advancing policy don’t always apply in today’s political climate. More than ever before, foundations are turning to each other to learn from past successes and failures to better understand how to create lasting change.

As the Atlantic Philanthropies prepared to end its grantmaking in recent years, a strong interest emerged around the need for a place where funders can learn how to adopt the most effective strategies for achieving change that can stand the test of time – and elections. In partnership with the Center for Evaluation Innovation, the Atlas Learning Project was launched to synthesize and share the lessons learned by the field and ultimately push philanthropy and advocacy in bolder and more effective directions.

After more than two years of research, nearly 200 interviews conducted, and over 20 publications and resources released, the Atlas Learning Project is excited to share the full suite of resources from experts in the field designed to help funders think strategically about how to defend, sustain and advance progressive policy change. We're thrilled to share the collection, which includes: 

·       Supporting 501(c)(4) organizations;

·       Using strategic litigation;

·       Building advocacy capacity while also funding for policy results;

·       Supporting collaborative multiparty campaigns;

·       Forming public-private partnerships to advance system-wide solutions;

·       Designing school-based outreach strategies;

·       Using communication to drive policy change; and

·       Effectively moving from policy change to implementation.

With smart thinking, bold action and sustained focus, funders and advocates can advance progress, even in this new political climate. Please take some time to explore the collection and then share with your networks to help others learn how philanthropy can take full advantage of every strategy in our arsenal and achieve lasting change.