Advocates and funders alike tend to focus on policy wins – in other words, when a proposed policy becomes law. However, the implementation of a given policy is just as important as its formulation. Beyond the Win: Pathways for Policy Implementation makes the case that using advocacy to shape implementation processes — including rulemaking, funding, and stakeholder engagement — is critical to ensuring that a policy change fulfills its intended outcomes.


Beyond the WIn: Pathways for Policy Implementation

Beyond the Win intends to provide advocates and funders with a common language for talking about policy implementation, a mechanism for focusing implementation advocacy strategies, stronger theories of change for the role of advocacy in implementation, and improved measurements of progress for the field.


Could Foundations Have Mounted a Better Defense of the ACA?

This article, published in Health Affairs in September 2016, takes a retrospective look back at what foundations might have done differently if they knew then what they know now about health form, with insights from foundation and advocacy leaders.