New Products

Step Into The Fight: Philanthropy's Role in Legal Advocacy. This new series of products includes a video and several briefs from TCC Group that explore how advocacy organizations use legal advocacy as a strategy and how funders can support that work in the most effective ways.  

Beyond the Win: Pathways to Policy Implementation. This new brief from ORS Impact explores strategies and frameworks for advocacy approaches to policy implementation, and how funders, advocates, and evaluators can think about what happens after the "win."

Tilling The Field: Lessons About Philanthropy's Role in School Discipline Reform, by Leila Feister.

Products In Development

Atlas is partnering with many experts in advocacy and evaluation to produce a variety of products, events, and other resources that respond to to the core project questions. Products will be relevant to funders, advocates, and evaluators - highlighting what has and has not worked, and drawing on lessons and insights from funder and grantee experiences. 

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